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Over 50 LTE networks launched this year

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318 operators have commercially launched LTE networks and service in 111 countries, according to data released today by GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association) in its latest Evolution to LTE report. Israel, Madagascar and the Northern Mariana Islands are amongst the latest nations to access commercial LTE mobile broadband service for the first time.

51 LTE networks have launched so far in 2014. The total number of commercial LTE networks is expected to be more than 350 by the end of this year.

The most widely used spectrum in LTE networks is 1800 MHz, known as 3GPP band 3. LTE1800 is now commercially launched in 70 countries by 144 operators, i.e. in over 45% of LTE networks, and is supported by the largest user devices ecosystem with 769 products. Over 40% of devices can operate in the 1800 MHz band.

The next most popular contiguous band for LTE deployments is 2.6 GHz (band 7), which is used in 26.4% of networks in commercial service.

800 MHz (band 20) gained share as the third most popular contiguous spectrum band and the most popular sub 1 GHz coverage choice for LTE, being deployed in 55 commercially launched networks across 33 countries. 800 MHz band 20 also has a mature devices ecosystem, represented by 467 products launched in the market.