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China Mobile expected its 4G subscribers will exceed 150 million in 2015

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China Mobile expected its 4G subscribers will exceed 150 million in 2015

Since the TD-LTE license was issued in December 2013, China Mobile's 4G development has made breakthrough progress. Vice president of China Mobile Li Zhengmao said on Wednesday, 4G subscribers of China Mobile have exceeded 50 million units by the end of October, which is two months ahead of schedule in completing the annual target.

He pointed out in the Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2014, in the last two years, the traditional voice, SMS and MMS income reached the peak and began to decline, and the trend is likely to further accelerate in the future; after the arrival of 4G era, income of data traffic enters into a rapid growing stage, which offsets the decline of voice income, and the data traffic and digital services (digital life) will become the main business incomes of China Mobile.

4G subscribers increase rapidly

China Mobile started to launch 4G commercial businesses nationally from the beginning of the year, and subscribers increased very rapidly in the recent months. Li Zhengmao said, new 4G subscribers increased 10 million in October alone, which drove the total number to exceed 50 million and completed the annual target two months ahead of schedule. It is expected that the scale of 4G subscribers will exceed 70 million by the end of 2014.

"This has never appeared in the 3G and 2G eras. It took us nearly three years to reach 50 million subscribers in the 3G era and ten years in the 2G era, but in the 4G era, it only takes less than a year." He said.

The ARPU of China Mobile 4G subscribers is 50% higher than the average value of normal users, reversing the situation of slowly decreased ARPU in the past few years. At the same time, the average monthly data traffic (DOU) is 4.2 times of the average of normal users.

Li Zhengmao predicted that, the proportion of China Mobile’s voice and SMS income will reduce from 67% in 2011 to 40% in 2016, but the income of data traffic and digital services will increase to 60%, which will become the main business income.

4G development strategies in the next step

Li Zhengmao also introduced the development strategies of 4G in China Mobile in the next step. First of all, situation is optimistic in the development of 4G subscribers and it is conservatively estimated to exceed 150 million in 2015, and 300 million in 2016, "the real situation may be better".

In the term of network construction, China Mobile plan to build 1 million 4G base stations by the end of 2015. In addition to the coverage, it will also pursue a more fast speed, which evolves from LTE to LTE-A; more efficient, which evolves from CSFB to VoLTE; more integrated, which promotes the convergence of TDD and FDD network; more intelligent, which promotes the evolution of existing infrastructure network to smart network and more economy, which evolves from the traditional network to NFV.

In this speech, China Mobile has formed a generally idea about the technology evolution, namely increase the network peak rate from 100Mbps to 200Mbps, 600Mbps and even 1Gbps by the LTE-A technology.