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NR, gNB, NG-RAN and 5GC

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Base station naming

One more aspect to visualise the 5G “potentially confusion making” point. Let’s take a look on the figure below – when we go from “G” to “G”, the “tower with antennas” has pretty clear name:
  • in 1G it was just Base Station
  • 2G brought a bit more “specifying, what it does” name – base transceiver station (BTS)
  • 3G world moved to “nodes” so it was NodeB (B, most likely for BTS)
  • in 4G as already mentioned in the beginning of our discussion, was an “evolution” of 3G, so an “evolved” NodeB would fit here – wouldn’t it? So eNB works just fine.
  • and finally in 5G we have next generation NodeB, but the short name is gNB.