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CAT7 outdoor CPE + Gateway

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JATONTEC 6300M is a highly advanced CAT7 LTE outdoor multi-service product solution specifically designed to meet integrated data, voice and Wi-Fi access needs for residential, business and enterprise users. The product consists of an outdoor data CPE uni

 JATONTEC 6300M is a highly advanced CAT7 LTE outdoor multi-service product solution specifically designed to meet integrated data, voice and Wi-Fi access needs for residential, business and enterprise users. The product consists of an outdoor data CPE unit (ODU) and an indoor multiservice gateway unit (Router) that supports advanced networking, VoIP gateway and WLAN AP functionalities. It enables wide service coverage and provides high data throughput and networking features to customers who needs easy broadband access, low cost VoIP service and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Key Benefits

Cost effective &compact design with built-in high gain LTE and Wi-Fi antenna
Advanced 4x4 MIMO, DL & UL CA, and UL QAM64 support (CAT7)
Dual LAN ports, SIP 2.0 VoIP and 802.11b/g/n/ac MIMO Wi-Fi support
Router, bridge and by-pass networking, IPv4 &v6 and Multiple PDN support 
Built-in VPN and L2/L3 GRE client support
FTP, HTTP and TR-069 management support
SIM card authentication and virtual SIM support


JT6300M provides the standard implementation of LTE release 10 specification. With the built-in high gain ODU antenna, it enables a longer reception range from eNodeB base station. This help yields more efficient use of network with a larger cell reach, carrier class service, and more customer service probability.

The Router unit has 2 Gigabit LAN and 1 RJ11 ports, built-in 2x2 MIMO high performance 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and software firewall for security, providing an effective all-in-one solution to SOHO or residential customers. It can provide up to 300Mbps max data throughput which can be very competitive to wired broadband access service. 


JT6300M is a user-friendly and easy to setup LTE CPE. The ODU can be powered by the 48V PoE via the Router WAN port. The LEDs on the JT4300M have also been designed for user convenience, and offer a clear sign of what the device is doing. The compact design is well suited for enterprise and residential user.

The JT6300M offers rich management features which facilitate the task of service provider. It supports local management access, Telnet, WEB, and centralized remote OTA configuration, upgrades management and device monitoring via standard TR-069 ACS systems.


JT6300M is fully compliant to the LTE Release 10 specification. It offers standard support for advanced 4G features such as MIMO and AMC to maximize the system capacity and bandwidth throughput. The use of 4G modulation enhances performance in non-line-of-sight conditions to ensure immunity to interference and multi-path conflicts typical of deployments in urban areas. Sophisticated QoS capabilities ensure true end-to-end QoS and support for high quality data services. JT6300M has enhanced router function and VPN clients support to enable greater service selection and reliability.

Radio Access : 3GPP Release 10, Category 7
Frequency : B7/B38/B40/B41, B42/B43/B48
Channel BW : 5/10/20MHz,and CA support
MIMO Support : 2Tx 4Rx, or 2Tx 2Rx,
                           DL 4*4 MIMO,UL 2*2 MIMO QAM64
                           DL 2*2 MIMO CA(2CC),UL 2*2 MIMO QAM64
Max Tx Power : 23dBm per antenna port
Antenna Gain : B7/38/40/41: 14dBi(2*2 CA), 10dBi(4*4 MIMO)
                         B42/43/48: 17dBi(2*2 CA), 13dBi(4*4 MIMO)
LED Indicators: Power, System, ETH, SIM, RF(4)
SIM Support : SIM card slot

WiFi Interface (Router)

Radio Access : 802.11b/g/n/ac
Output Power : 16 dBm
Antenna : 4-5 dBi (2x2 MIMO, Dual Band)
Security : 64/128 bit WEP, WPA/WPA2


ODU PoE Interface : 1 RJ45 10/100/1000M ETH
LAN Data Interface : 3 RJ45 10/100/1000M ETH
Voice Line Interface : 1 RJ11/FXS Line
Router LED Indicators : SYS, NET, WAN, 2.4G Wi-Fi,5GHz Wi-Fi, WAN, LAN 1-2, LINE, WPS


Power DC : 48V/0.5A PoE <20W (Gigabit PoE)
Weight :      <2.5Kg (ODU), <300g (Router)
Dimensions :  250mm (L) * 250mm(W) * 75mm(D)
                         135mm x 105mm x30mm (Router)
Environment : Operating Temperature, -40℃~55℃.
                          Humidity, 95% max Non-condensing
Water Protection : IP 67

Network configuration:
DHCP or Static IP address Assignment
Bridge and Router Operation Support
Built-in DHCP Server for LAN Devices
IPv4, IPv6 DS-Lite Support
Multiple PDN interface support
NTP Service Support
SIM card locking feature
Network selection and cell locking provision

Data Networking Features:

VPN Pass-through support (PPTP, L2TPV3 & IPsec) 
Built-in L2TPV3 & GRE Tunneling Clients
Firewall & Access Control
DMZ and Virtual Server Support
IP and Port Filtering Support 
Local and Remote Management Restriction
Application Firewall Support 
LAN Device Access Control

Device Management:

CLI, Telnet and WEB Management Interfaces
Standard TR-069 Management
Device Factory Default Setting