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System components

Base station: support multiple base station network
The mobile CPE: mounted on a motor vehicle, to provide video and     speech, and the position of service function of
The fixed CPE: key locations of the sentinel surveillance
The PDA: hand-held terminal, can provide video,voice and location service functionThe video server

☆ High mobility
☆The transmission of real-time
☆The single base station provides the maximum uplink bandwidth of 8Mbps, can provide a mobile video surveillance
☆The mobile video surveillance: support 128K~2Mbps
☆ video flowThe outdoor integration base station, convenient installation, easy maintenance
☆The system supports networking application, Dalkey station to expand the capacity of the system, the terminal can switch between base stations, and ensure the continuity of the service
☆The terminal morphological diversification, can meet the requirements of vehicle, portable, location of a variety of applications
☆In the IP open system architecture, the user can load other application, function of
☆The broadband multimedia service integrated platform, integrated video, voice, text, data, PTT business as a whole