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Jaton eLTE Broadband Access Solution overview

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  Based on the most-advanced LTE technology, the Jaton eLTE Broadband Access Solution provides broadband access services on a single network. Services include:

Ø  Mobile office

Ø  Remote data acquisition


Ø  Video surveillance

Applicability to wireless Internet service providers, smart city builders, education, and smart grid operators

Jaton’s advanced technology and wide range of products are the perfect choice for your broadband access needs.

Traditional access systems often suffer from many problems:

Ø  Maintenance inefficiency

Ø  Higher equipment and maintenance costs

Ø  Difficulty deploying systems to areas where wired connections are not practical

Jaton’s world-class technology effectively addresses these problems and gives customers the 21st-century broadband access they need.

The Jaton eLTE Broadband Access Solution provides:

Ø  Downlink throughput of 100 Mbit/s and uplink throughput of 50 Mbit/s

Ø  Fast private network deployment for wireless Internet service providers

Ø  Easy broadband access where Internet access is limited, such as rural areas, shopping malls, and hospitals

The Jaton solution gives customers an unparalleled wireless platform for Smart City video surveillance and data acquisition, ubiquitous Internet surfing, and easier transitions to smart grids.

Get the access you need. Contact a Jaton representative to find out more.