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Jaton eLTE Broadband Trunking Systems

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This is the first LTE broadband trunking solution to provide voice and video dispatching, which greatly increases emergency centers’ efficiency. Jaton's eLTE Systems, based on advanced wireless broadband technology, provide 100 Mbit/s downlink and 50 Mbit/s uplink throughput. As a result, a single network can support multimedia trunking, voice and video scheduling, high-definition video surveillance, ultra-remote data acquisition, and mobile office services.

Other features include a compact core network, distributed base stations, and terminal devices that can be used in harsh outdoor environments. 


Jaton JT4100P LTE Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Serves as a wireless gateway router for LTE-based high-speed data services. In addition to LTE access, this industrial-grade outdoor CPE integrates Wi-Fi and LAN interfaces to enable data service conversion.

The compact, ruggedized JT4100P features centralized fault detection and recovery along with remote management for easy deployment.

Use the JT4100P for applications ranging from sensor data collection to wireless HD video surveillance.

Provides a versatile link between wired and wireless networks for real-time monitoring

·         A flexible configuration supports multiple uplink-to-downlink ratio configurations, including that for streaming data-intensive uplink services such as video surveillance and data collection

·         With a high protection level, the JT4100P is built to withstand extreme weather conditions and meet industry requirements for protection from shock, water, dust, and lightning

·         A Web-based GUI simplifies remote management and maintenance, while LED indicators enable on-site status checks

·         Complies with LTE Release 9 and provides a high data transmission rate

Jaton J9225B Mobile Hotspot

The J9225B is a pocket-sized, multimedia broadband data access terminal based on LTE technology that provides Wi-Fi access.

Features a large-capacity battery for charging most mobile devices and supports the PC configuration tool.

Stay connected anywhere, anytime with Jaton’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot — it provides mobile users Internet access using such devices as tablets, PCs, and mobile phones, and meets industry requirements for data services.

Increase mobile user productivity by simplifying access to critical Big Data with Jaton’s J9225B

·         Enables mobile users to browse Web pages and download data via the LTE network using all types of mobile devices

·         Supports the UL 64 QAM modulation scheme, which significantly improves the throughput of UL users

·         Displays multiple indicators: LTE signal, Wi-Fi signal, battery, power, and WAN status