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5GHz LTE-U Band46 Use Case

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Private LTE Network

For large businesses that require a closed or private enterprise wireless network, LTE-U offers more secure connectivity than Wi-Fi and at the high speeds and quality of an LTE wireless network. Whether your business takes place in a tall office building, a college campus or a large remote site (e.g., the mining industry), LTE-U solutions allow you to build a local private LTE network for the entire enterprise regardless if it's in-building or outdoors.

Neutral Hosts

With LTE-U solutions, neutral hosts can deploy and manage a more robust enterprise-level network that's as powerful inside as it is outside. Perfect for large venues such as stadiums, airports, skyscrapers and hospitals; LTE-U solutions are network-agnostic and can easily accommodate overflow traffic at sites that are too small for mobile operators to consider, yet too complex for enterprises to tackle alone.

Cable Network Operators (

For cable operators seeking to build out an LTE network, LTE-U provides a smart traffic offload option for operators wanting to enter the mobile wireless industry using a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) strategy.

LTE-U solutions can help CNOs by reducing costs through the deployment of Operators-owned small cell networks, combining current networks to provide optimal coverage and capacity, as well as leveraging mobile network CNOs who need densification. For the investment of a Wi-Fi solution, CNOs can build a valuable wireless LTE network that's dependable, fast and profitable.

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs)

Why LTE-U? first, 5GHz unlicensed spectrum has almost 500MHz of bandwidth available

in most regions all over the world; second,LTE technology, which works in unlicensed

spectrum is able to provide a great solution for WISPs to deploy reliable, cost-effective and

higher bandwidth broadband network.