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CBRS Use Cases

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Private LTE


For large businesses that require a closed or private enterprise wireless network, CBRS offers more secure connectivity than Wi-Fi and at the high speeds and quality of an LTE wireless network. Whether your business takes place in a tall office building, a college campus or a large remote site (e.g., the mining industry), CBRS solutions allow you to build a local private LTE network for the entire enterprise regardless if it's in-building or outdoors.

Neutral Hosts


With CBRS solutions, neutral hosts can deploy and manage a more robust enterprise-level network that's as powerful inside as it is outside. Perfect for large venues such as stadiums, airports, skyscrapers and hospitals; CBRS solutions are network-agnostic and can easily accommodate overflow traffic at sites that are too small for mobile operators to consider, yet too complex for enterprises to tackle alone.

Cable Network Operators (CNO


For cable operators seeking to build out an LTE network, CBRS provides a smart traffic offload option for operators wanting to enter the mobile wireless industry using a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) strategy.


CBRS solutions can help CNOs by reducing costs through the deployment of Operators-owned small cell networks, combining current networks to provide optimal coverage and capacity, as well as leveraging mobile network CNOs who need densification. For the investment of a Wi-Fi solution, CNOs can build a valuable wireless LTE network that's dependable, fast and profitable.

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) / 


For businesses that depend on data transmissions from fixed wireless access points, CBRS solutions using SAS-enabled shared spectrum can help create a robust network that's second to none. By utilizing the 3.5 GHz radio band, WISPs and utility companies can build a highly reliability wireless network that offers cost-effective fixed wireless access with low latency and delivers real time communications to all their sensors, cameras and industrial IoT.